_Bioclimatic Pergolas

Pergolas of High Aesthetics

Great variety of solutions
GLM’s systems offer multiple construction options that cover every need and complexity.
— Free-standing and wall-mounted construction.
— Single, double, corner, multiple and complicated structures.
— Structures with additional elements such as sliding and shading screens.
— Sliding shutter with louver or fabric.
Integrated water sealing and drainage system
A design innovation that offers protection against heavy rainfall.
— Efficient sealing along the entire water path, from louvers to ground.
— Protection against possible overflow in the event of heavy rainfall, thanks to the wide gutters and the other profile sections through which the water passes.
— Minimal use of silicone, which guarantees a longer service life.
Ease and speed of installation
Thanks to their special design, with modular profiles and hook-type accessories, the bioclimatic pergolas can be installed quickly and easily.
Top design
A harmonious combination of high aesthetics and functionality, with clean lines, invisible fixing points and a totally concealed motor. GLM’s bioclimatic pergolas are the definition of high-tech minimalism and quality of life enhancement.
Noiseless rotation mechanism
Totally concealed patented rotation system built into one of the louvers, which offers flawless and silent operation.
Sturdiness and very large dimensions
Thanks to their impressive robustness, GLM’s bioclimatic pergolas cover very large areas, up to 50m2 with only four columns, and can withstand very strong winds and high snowfall up to 300Kg/m2 (under certain conditions).

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