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Advanced & multiform fencing systems

GLM offers two minimal fencing systems, with louvers either placed in-between mullions (FC80) or attached to them (FC60), with clear lines and concealed fixing points.

Robust and reliable, the fencing systems are maintenance-free, ideal for modern residential or hotel facilities and available in standard or customized solutions, with a variety of designs to suit every architectural need.

– A wide variety of design patterns and unlimited possibilities for personalization.
– Top robustness without problems of damage to the structure from wind load and strong weather conditions.
– Possibility of large dimensions, especially for gates, to allow for easy pass-through of vehicles (up to 6m.)
– Unparalleled aesthetics, design with attention to detail, 100% aluminium constructions.
– Innovation with new styles, modern materials and smart combinations for unique constructions.


Define your outdoor space through unique decoration
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FC80 Pivot Barcode

An exceptional aluminium gate most appropriate for villas and modern residences
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Α highly aesthetic fencing system
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